Ancient wisdom, modern science, clinical success

with Tianjiang concentrated herbal granules.

Ancient wisdom, modern science, clinical success

with Tianjiang concentrated herbal granules.


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Why choose Jingshen’s Herbal granules for your clients?

Jingshen’s partnership with Tianjiang ensures a level of quality and assurance that our herbs are clean, concentrated and clinically effective due to the high manufacturing standards, quality assurance and patented processes.

You and your clients can be confident that your herbal formula’s are free of heavy metals, pesticides and other contaminants and that the raw herbal material used is of the highest quality and in alignment with the traditional fingerprint of each herb.

Traditional wisdom is matched with modern science to bring you a convenient form of herbal medicine that your clients will prefer.


The essence of medicinal plants, animals and minerals extracted using world leading technologies and practices.


In the spirit of following traditional methods about growing and processing , herbs are manufactured following the practices of Dao di and traditional Pao Zhi

Why some of Australia’s best
Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners choose Jingshen

  • Granules that dissolve completely
  • Mineral herbs that are decocted & therefore more digestible
  • Commitment to no or minimal excipients
  • Granules produce a tea reflecting a true decoction, just like a traditional tea with out all the boiling
  • A full spectrum herbal fingerprint via an optimal extraction process so all the expected therapeutic effects of the herb are present
  • Higher concentration so you need less
  • Herbs that are farmed sustainably and traditionally where possible
  • Tianjiang supports small farmers and co-ops
  • Dao di* and wild crafted herbs to produce a traditional photochemical fingerprint for optimal therapeutic effect
  • Passive Organic standard, independently tested for heavy metals, pesticides, bacteria, aflatoxin and sulphur dioxide.

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TJ Herbs vs other brands