About Jingshen

The Essence and Spirit of JingShen

We believe in living in harmony with nature, just as TCM seeks to bring back the balance of the elements within the human system. Harmony and balance produce health, in our body, our community and our environment.

Jingshen is a family run business importing and distributing Tianjiang’s premium single granulated Chinese herbs to registered practitioners across Australia and New Zealand.

Tianjiang is industry-leading in granulated herb manufacture, supplying 1000 hospitals across China and holding numerous patents in capturing the whole herb essence so that your clients receive all the benefits of a traditionally decocted formula, minus the fuss.

Tianjiang is run by herbalists for herbalists, valuing a clean, sustainable and highly efficacious clinical product. Using GAP certified plantations that follow Dao Di principles of growing and harvesting, then research and technology are blended with traditional Pao Zhi techniques to produce a superior herbal product. Our granules are highly solubility and digestible, passively organic, with minimal excipients, and the majority of herbs are at a 5:1 concentration.

Jingshen values personalised and professional service, community, wisdom and integrity. We endeavour to minimise our impact on mother earth and support the growth and awareness of TCM.

Director, Dr Lawrence Gleich, is a practicing herbalist and acupuncturist with 21 years experience in his passion. He was blessed to have been introduced to Tianjiang herbs by his teacher and mentor Wade James right from the beginning of his career. Wade and his partner Yennie were the first people to bring Tianjiang’s herbs to Australia 24 years ago.

Lawrence has had many opportunities to compare other products in his full time practice, none of which have been as clinically successful or palatable as Tianjiang’s herbs and so he has remained a loyal customer.

In 2019 Lawrence was given the opportunity to become the distributor for Tianjiang’s herbs in Australia and with his wife Samantha Warner they started Jingshen Pty Ltd. They are proud to be a small family business and support and supply their community of practitioners with a second to none herbal granule.

We live in the Perth hills, with our darling daughter – Tian. We work from home and so get to appreciate the natural environment that surrounds us. We enjoy camping in nature and can’t wait to explore the more northern parts of our beautiful state. Lawrence spends his leisure time working on his vintage Nissan patrol, while Samantha loves creating and crafting, and practicing conscious Steiner parenting. Tian is already helping in clinic, always curious about each herb, its name and its taste, and so committed to taking her herbs every day.

We built with our own hands and the help of our community, a beautiful straw bale building, from local and recycled materials, low VOC and with lots of love from which we practice from. It is an amazing space that everyone comments on the energy of. We now have a warehouse space onsite also, to hold our herbs and process your orders.

We feel truly grateful for all that we have and can’t wait to welcome you into our Jingshen family and share our prosperity, wisdom and joy.

Jingshen’s mission is to provide the highest quality herbal granule product and education to support Chinese herbal medicine practitioners in the facilitation of optimal wellness with their clients.


We value the traditional knowledge, integrity and wisdom of TCM, integrated with modern science and technology to bring you a sustainable and clinically successful herbal product that you can trust.

Tianjiang honours the traditional wisdom of herbal growing and harvesting with no chemical inputs and the sustainable wildcrafting of their herbal products – technically passively organic.

Their commitment to producing a granule that reflects the constituents of a traditional decoction, but at a higher concentration, with no residue, gives the product a high value of integrity.

Jingshen is committed to minimising our impact on our environment.

  • We recycle as much of the waste associated with the wholesale herbs packaging as is currently possible.
  • We send our parcels out wrapped in paper, using biodegradable tape and a recyclable outer plastic wrapper.
  • All our (limited) printed promotional material is produced by the Environmental Printing Company, using friendly inks and recycled or plantation paper.
  • When we fly we offset our carbon emissions.
  • We purchase organic, local, in-season food where ever possible.
  • We grow our own food, have compost and worm farms.
  • We donate mostly to a tree-planting project

We believe in living in harmony with nature

Just as TCM seeks to bring back the balance of the elements within the human system. Harmony and balance produce health, in our body, our community and our environment.

We wish to share our business’s success with you by providing further education for you and your clients, investing profits to this purpose as well as charities that promote acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. (ie Acupuncturists without borders, Acupuncture Now).

JingShen’s Dynamic Duo

Lawrence Gleich

Lawrence has been a long time student of Wade James since first studying undergraduate courses in TCM beginning back in 1997.

After graduating in 2001 Lawrence worked within private practice and a multidisciplinary clinic utilising both acupuncture and herbal medicine. He has also fulfilled roles in teaching and clinic supervision throughout his career.

Recently his focus has been on classical Chinese medicine and particularly the application of Shang Han Za Bing Lun in a modern day practice.

Samantha Warner

Behind every good man there is a great woman, and there are no exceptions in this case.

Samantha in her own right is a talented Natural Health Practitioner (we won’t mention that she is a Naturopath) with 20 years of experience.

Having run and organised her own practice as well as numerous retreats and workshops over the years she brings to the team a resourceful set skills for the organisation and management of JingShen.

“JingShen brings you the true essence and life force of each herb extracted via Tianjiangs’ patented world leading processes so you can express the spirit of Traditional Chinese herbal medicine’s wisdom to facilitate health and healing with Integrity” 

Lawrence and Samantha