About Jingshen

Fresh faces, new company, same quality granules.

Who are we?

Jingshen was started in 2019, by the husband and wife team of Lawrence Gleich and Samantha Warner, to continue the important role of suppyling Tianjiang Pharmaceutical herbal granules to Australian Chinese Herbal Medicine practitioners. This follows on from the amazing work and dedication of Chinawest Pty Ltd, and particularly Wade James and Yennie Guo. Wade and Yennie have enabled Australian practitioners to enjoy the worlds superior quality granules for the last 22 years.


In 1997 Wade and Yennie worked hard with Tianjiang Pharmaceutical company to be the first to bring their herbal granules to Australia.

Chinawest have supplied practitioners not only with these superior granules but also with quality service and technical knowledge that has been backed up with decades of clinical experience and expertise to help practitioners get the best out of their granule formulas.

Changing of the guard

Lawrence Gleich

Lawrence has been a long time student of Wade James since first studying undergraduate courses in TCM beginning back in 1997.

After graduating in 2001 Lawrence worked within private practice and a multidisciplinary clinic utilising both acupuncture and herbal medicine. He has also fulfilled roles in teaching and clinic supervision throughout his career.

Recently his focus has been on classical chinese medicine and particularly the application of Shang Han Za Bing Lun in a modern day practice.

Samantha Warner

Behind every good man there is a great woman, and there are no exceptions in this case.

Samantha in her own right is a talented Natural Health Practitioner (we won’t mention that she is a Naturopath) with 20 years of experience.

Having run and organised her own practice as well as numerous retreats and workshops over the years she brings to the team a resourceful set skills for the organisation and management of Jingshen.

“…..Jingshen aims to continue on the legacy of Wade, Yennie and Chinawest by continuing the great service and quality product that our customers are accustomed too……”

Lawrence and Samantha