Herb Stock Levels

Current Out of Stock Herbs

  • Fu Ping
  • Hai Zao
  • Huang Dao Zi
  • Ling Xiao Hua
  • Nuo Dao Gen





  • Shan Dou Gen
  • Xiang Ru
  • Yu Li Ren
  • Zhi Nan Xing

Herb label names
Herb nomenclature is currently in transition. All recently ordered herbs may show more specific naming, to international standards. Please bare with us as we adjust our order list to reflect this. Please contact us if you have any queries on this matter.

Herb requests
If we do not currently stock a herb that you use, please do ask us about supplying it.

Herbs currently unavailable from manufacturer

  • Chen Pi (Sheng) – no longer being manufactured – reason to be ascertained
  • Yuan Zhi (Zhi) – last harvest did not meet the phytochemical fingerprint – fingers crossed it will be available with our next order


Next order expected to arrive