Wholesale Introduction

Concentrated Chinese Herbs from the Tianjiang Pharmaceutical Company in China are part of a new generation of Chinese Herbal Medicine, combining past experience with the latest technology, to make TCM more accessible for Practitioners and their Patients.

The company is supported by the State Administration of TCM and the State Science and Technology Commission and has perfected a new low temperature method of concentrating Chinese Herbs. Their Concentrated Herbs are now used in over 1000 Hospitals in China.

The Concentrated Herbs provide a 95% return of the active components compared to a 35% return from a boiled decoction. They are a 5:1 Concentrated Extract in which volatile oils are extracted at an optimal point then reintroduced into the final product. The final concentrated herbal product dissolves in hot water.

The raw herbs used by the company are selected from their native regions in mainland China and many are processed with ginger, honey, or wine, and cooked, roasted or carbonised according to traditional guidelines in order to reduce toxicity and increase effectiveness.

Patient Acceptance

Boiling herbs each day is a major deterrent to the use of Chinese Herbs. Concentrated Chinese Herbs are convenient and easy to take. Our experience has proven patients return again and again to pick up their herbs in a concentrated form while those taking the boiled decoctions drift away. Mailing out repeat or modified orders will become a significant part of your business.

Practitioner Convenience

One standard bookcase will hold over 300 single herbs and dispensing is a fast while-you-wait service.

You are able to write your own prescriptions and have the convenience of single concentrated herbs to fill the prescription.

How To Take The Herbs

The standard dosage is 3 grams twice per day. The patient scoops out a 3 gram measure, adds hot water, allows a minute or two for the herbs to dissolve and drinks the herbs.

Many patients prefer to put the herbs directly into their mouth and swallow with a glass of water. For those with difficult palates, or for children, the herbs can be put into capsules.

Why Choose Tianjiang Herbs for Your Dispensary?

For Registered Practitioners Only
– Not for Naturopaths, massage therapists etc.

Chinaʼs Premium Hospital Grade Herbs
– Used in over 1000 Hospitals in China
– Chinaʼs National standard for herbs
– Chinaʼs largest maker of single granulated herbs

Manufactured to contain the full spectrum of active ingredients
– Each herb has individualised production parameters to extract and capture all the essential oils

Quality Assurance
– Third party European testing

Published research on clinical effectiveness
– 3 books of clinical hospital trials researching comparative effectiveness to raw herbs
– Published analytical data on individual herbs used as Chinaʼs National standard

International Recognition
– Registered for Pharmacy use by the Austrian Government

Cost Effective
– Dispensing your own Tianjiang granulated prescriptions is cheaper than patent pills

Service and Delivery
– Personalised service with internet ordering
– Overnight delivery to your door

Changeover from your current dispensary!!!
– Call or email to see how you can dispose of your old herbs and upgrade to Tianjiang  superior granules
– Join our group of experienced and successful TCM practitioners.

Check to see if any other company can measure up to any of these points!

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