Prescribing and Dispensing

Prescribing and Calculating Dosages

Concentrated Chinese Herbs are 5 times more concentrated than bulk herbs but the production process means they are even more powerful.

We recommend the patient be given 2 weeks supply of herbs. The standard dosage is 3 grams twice per day. Total herbs for 2 weeks is: 6g x 13 days = 78g.

Clinical experience has shown this dosage will give a therapeutic result. The dosage can be varied according to the patients constitution and whether it is an acute or chronic condition.

For acute conditions, the frequency of taking the herbs can be increased to 3 grams 3-5 times per day.

The total herbs required for 2 weeks is: 3g x 2 per day x 13 Days = 78 grams (with 1 day rest).

To calculate the amount of each single Concentrated Herb, first write your prescription with normal dosages, then proportionately decrease or increase the dosages to add up to 78 grams.

Dosage: 3g twice per day after meals.

In practice, after becoming familiar with prescribing the herbs in their concentrated form, it is easy to write the prescription directly in the dosages required.

When comparing prices with other herb suppliers, please note the final dosage required to achieve a clinical result. We have found other herb brands require up to double the dosage we prescribe and still do not achieve a clinical result.

Dispense your own prescriptions from less than $10.00 wholesale per week (retail to your patients for around $40.00 per week).


Dispensing Jingshen granulated herbs is easy with the right equipment and the right method.