Pricing and Strategies

The average wholesale cost of the herbs for 2 weeks of 78g is from $18.00 for the practitioner. That’s under $10 per week!

The recommended retail price is $85.00 for 78g (2 weeks) to the patient. This is $67 profit for a 2 week container.

If some of the more expensive herbs are included in a prescription in a high dosage (i.e Chai Hu, Ban Xia, Tai Zi Shen, Tian Ma, Zhe Bei Mu, Chuan Bei Mu etc.) then add an extra $5 for each of these herbs to the cost to the patient.

Every practitioner will have evolved their own strategies for the frequency of consultations and the amount of herbs they prescribe each time. We see patients with chronic conditions every 2 or 4 weeks (consultation fee + 2 or 4 weeks herbs).

We see patients with acute conditions every week (consultation fee + 2 weeks herbs). Herbs are updated or added to as necessary. Some patients also have acupuncture each week or fortnight (consultation fee including acupuncture + 2 weeks herbs). Herbs are updated or added to as necessary.

And when a prescription is going well, the patient may phone and request the same prescription, which we mail out to them or they pick up.