Tianjiang Herbs

The herbs distributed by Jingshen are manufactured by Tianjiang Pharmaceutical, the global leader in producing granule extracts.

Tianjiang Pharmaceutical have been industry pioneers in the fields of research and development of full-spectrum concentrated granule herbal extracts and are leading the development of international standards for manufacturing process and quality control. We know the importance of using quality medicinals that provide results and our partnership with Tianjiang allows us access to a granule product that is manufactured in world class GMP certified factories and employs a quality traceability platform that is unmatched in the industry.

Chinese Medicine practitioners of today are a unique blend of traditional and ancient knowledge supported by modern science and technology. This theme is carried over into the production of our herbal granules. There are GAP (Good Agriculture Practice) certified plantations that follow Dao Di principles of growing and harvesting, research and technology are blended with traditional Pao Zhi techniques, and individual herbs are extracted with only purified water to replicate a traditional decoction while adopting traditional pre-decocting, post-decocting, mild Fire or strong fire methods.

Due to Tianjiang’s state of art facilities we are able to offer a product that is of superior quality, that is energised by traditional principles and practices, but also closely resembles a traditional raw herb decoction once the granules are dissolved in hot water.

Superior Raw Materials and Techniques

  • Selection of superior raw herbs based on research and application of seed selection and cultivation conditions, laboratory analysis of active ingredients, and traditional quality discernment.
  • Nearly 430 varieties of herbs directly grown in their traditional Dao Di areas. All raw material/ herbs are inspected for quality control through the seeding, growing, harvesting, restoring and production phases.
  • Raw herbs are sourced through established relationships at over 320 farms and production regions spanning 22 provinces in China. Many individual herbs come from GAP (Good Agricultural Practices)-certified farms or ethically wild-crafted sources.
  • Botanical identity and potency of raw herbs are ensured through scientific analysis using TLC, HPLC, Thin layer scanning Fingerprint Technology, microscopy, and traditional macroscopic assessment by trained experts.
  • Sulfur is never used on the incoming raw herbs. Many products are prepared fresh from a single crop in a one annual batch shortly after harvest.
  • Using the latest technology all raw material and final product are tested for heavy metals, pesticide residue, bacterial levels, Aflotoxin and Sulphur Dioxide
  • The extraction process is optimised using research to determine the ideal decoction time, temperature, water-to-herb ratio, Pao Zhi method, and maximum concentration ratio of each individual herb. A fully automated system of new generation extraction machines allows the decoction process to be customised for each herb.
  • Tianjiang offers the most extensive selection of herbs with different forms of traditional processing (Pao Zhi) in the industry. 


  • Tianjiang is GMP-certified and exports to 22 countries around the world, including Germany, Australia, Singapore, and the UK.
  • Tianjiang is a fully licensed, state-approved pharmaceutical company that supplies over 1000 large TCM hospitals in China. They have also established cooperation with 22 Chinese Medicine universities, 26 provincial Chinese Medicine hospitals and 148 large Chinese Medicine hospitals for the purpose of scientific research and academic communication.
  • Advanced heavy metal testing on all products with ICP-AES. Verified by independent laboratories in the USA and Germany.
  • Microbiology testing confirms the absence of microorganisms and pesticide residues. Additional third-party testing for pesticide residues is conducted in Germany.

Sophisticated Extraction Methods

  • Extracted with only purified water to replicate a traditional decoction.
  • Evaporated completely at a low temperature to allow for maximum concentration without damage to delicate constituents.
  • Complete capture and re-introduction of volatile oils to maximise flavour and efficacy.
  • Tianjiang’s patented extraction methods utilise a new generation of technology, producing granules that dissolve better and come out like a decoction. 

About Tianjiang Pharmaceutical

Tianjiang Pharmaceutical is a global leader in producing granule extracts.

Tianjiang was the first Chinese company to produce granules and it has remained the leader in the field in both quality and safety.

Tianjiang supplies over 1000 large Chinese hospitals and a full 25% of their staff is dedicated to research. Tianjiang’s granules have been used in dozens of clinical trials in China and Tianjiang is a key contributor to China’s currently developing national standards on granule extracts. Their highly acclaimed research division has conducted groundbreaking research in the medicinal characteristics of Chinese herbs and has developed important new processes for producing granule extracts. Tianjiang has received more awards and government grants than any other granule producer.

In addition to receiving tremendous support from China’s State Administration of TCM and Ministry of Health, Tianjiang was entrusted by the Chinese government to produce the entire state supply of herbal medicine during the SARS epidemic. Tianjiang holds patents on numerous aspects of extraction technology, and its products are produced under pharmaceutical GMP standards.